Happy 3 Year Anniversary Awakening!

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In celebration of Awakening's 3rd Birthday there will be 5 days of fun! Starting today all accounts will receive 2 new pictures! In addition there will be a 3rd anniversary badge! For today only, all players should receive double xp while leveling!!! Last, but not least, our staff members will help by creating a few fun-filled events for you to enjoy throughout the week!

The staff wants to thank all of you for joining us for this week's celebration and for continuing to be part of this great server. We hope you all stick around or join us for the upcoming launch of Publish 9 in the near future! The events are not scheduled and could happen anywhere at anytime. Look for announcements both in-game and on the forums.

P.S. You will need to relaunch your launchers and clients to download the Tre files in order to get the anniversary rewards!

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