Buffing at Player SF Bases

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Xiphos wrote:
Fri Jul 08, 2016 9:57 pm
Awakening Players,
We have noticed an uptick in doctors and entertainers buffing through the doors of SF player bases. This placement can result in a circumvention of the intended mechanic, which is to reward those who go SF with increased buff strength. Please stop buffing through doors of an SF base in such a manner as to allow combatant, neutral, or opposing factions to receive these benefits. We consider this to be an exploit as defined by our rules.

We understand that current game mechanics allow buffing of other than same faction and status players. We also understand that currently it is possible to buff through a "locked" door. As a staff, we will examine our TEF rules and buffing mechanics further in the future; please adhere with the aforementioned conditions in the meantime.

Just to be clear: it is not our intention to single out any single player/guild/faction. This applies equally to all players.

We are allowing a grace period for news of this to disseminate. Please encourage doctors and entertainers who are utilizing/enabling this exploit to stop and/or report them confidentially via our ticketing system (not a bug report). While we will be lenient during the grace period and offer "unofficial" warnings, repeat offenders will be subject to being frozen and/or discipline in accordance with our rules page.
Players this has been a rule for awhile. It has been moved to this section to be more visible to the player community. This is something that has not been enforced with the restructure but will be going forward. If you have currently been using the above exploit, stop immediately.

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