May the 4th Be With You

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May the 4th be with you:

There will be 3 events during Friday 4th may they will take place at:

7pm GMT (2pm EST)
9pm GMT (4pm EST)
11pm GMT (6pm EST)

Make sure you are free or move your plans as these are events you will not want to miss!

It will be rebels vs imperials massive battles in 3 different major cities each time to rule supreme.

This will be pve and pvp all together the CSRs will be spawning Rebel and imperial armies to assist the faction players.

This will be open warfare anything goes battle, faction pets,droids,pets all welcomed.

We are looking for a Rebel leader and an imperial leader maybe even 2 of each depending on the turnout.

If you are interested in this please contact us.

For this to be the success we would like we need the leaders and the teams to ensure they work together and organise themselves prior to the event.

If the teams are uneven we will spawn extra event mobs to assist the weaker side but if both teams communicate with one another through their leaders even if it means some people switching faction to even the teams out this would be a lot more constructive and make it more fun events.

Csr buffs will be provided before the event starts, We will be setting up a imperial and rebel cloner at different sides of the city that is being attacked with a camp nearby for any buffers who are volunteering there services for the event. Csrs may buff at the cloners depending on schedules. The cloner locations will be given to the leaders to distribute out on the day of the event and will be a good safe distance from the warfare.

The events will either last 1 hour or if 1 team has no players left on the battlefield for longer than 5 minutes.

The winning side will have bragging rights and their team will be given 2 games of dice of death to win CSR tokens.

Any questions contact Heimdallr

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