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Date:Saturday 15th December

Start time:
10 pm BST (London)
9 am AEDT (Sydney)
5 pm EST (New york)

We will be hosting a PVE event on the date above ^ at the time above ^ .

It will be taking place at jabba's palace, i do ask that you all stay away from the palace an hour before the event starts so i can set up.(Only make your way over once i have instructed so in broadcast)

The aim to the event is as follows:

Jabba has kidnapped ChewieElf as he is sick of him spreading good will and giving out presents to the galaxy.

Your aim is to free chewieElf and clear all resistance in your path, be aware though jabba has called in extra help from his acquaintances from around the galaxy as well as hired help so this will not be an easy task to complete.

A cloner will be provided outside of the palace aswell as buff bots and a CSR buffs throughout the event.

There will NOT be a dice of death after this event for this event only as it is christmas i will be placing a vendor tent next to the cloner after the event with tokens on with numbers on them every that participates in the event will be able to get one of these tokens, 1 per toon that is in the event, once they have received their token from the vendor they must come to heimdallr and trade it over and he will trade you the prize that is aligned to that number.

I will be making a note of who is in the event and marking off the tokens off the vendor, anyone that tries to get 2 or more tokens or has not been in the event will be frozen and your token will be null and voided so do not be trying your luck as we will be watching.

So everyone will get a prize from this event, and in the prizes there are 4 csr tokens so 4 lucky people will receive a token with there choice.

After the event ChewieElf will be positioning himself in a city later on if he is succesfully rescued to give out christmas presents to all the community.

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