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All pre-planned events by members of the awakening staff will be posted here at least 1 (one) day prior to the beginning of the event, however some long running competitions such as the ‘Galactic Home Show’ and the ‘Community Member of the Month’ are posted in the General Discussion to allow for community involvement. In addition to this there are also periodic spontaneous events, these are mainly just for fun and very rarely have prizes available for participants.

This section is also for player organized events. If you wish to organize an event, just post a new topic with details about your event. If it requires staff assistance please view the following thread: viewtopic.php?f=33&t=10604. In addition to this, in order to have direct contact with the server ECs, join the discord server and get in contact with Cyclone or Moonbeam about being added to the player event section.

This category is also the section where you will find pre-approved player events.
Please note, player events should be organized and discussed under the General Discussion forum, TS, Discord or in-game. Once you have an Event that is ready to be announced and the details are organized, get in contact with one of the ECs and they will determine whether it is approved for Event forums listing and posting on the Discord server news and updates section as well as Facebook. Once we get a chance to review it we will notify you of its approval status.

As some of you may not realise, staff and players put in a lot of effort to organise events for the community, as such it is expected that all players do not mock an event if it is not to their liking. Anyone who openly mocks or tries to derail an event, won't be in good standing with us. Keep any guild or personal issues far from any events, let everyone participating have fun. If you have feedback on how to improve events it is welcome, however please structure it in a constructive way.



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