Star Wars Day 2019 - Event Finished

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So that brings the celebrations to a close for another year's Star Wars Day, thank you to everyone who took part. We hope you all had fun and enjoy your little goodies if you were lucky enough to get some.

Since this is the first event of its type in a long time feel free to send me some constructive feedback about how it went. Any suggestions for future events and celebrations are more than welcome too.

My challenge to the Awakening community is for you guys and gals to run some mini events or high end PvE runs with each other, it'd be great to see more people getting out, giving the DWB a run for its money, decimating Axkva or trying their luck with some sentinels!

Most of these items that were available from the May 4th event will be making their way into the game as loot or rewards in future publishes, so, if you missed out, don't worry, there is always another chance down the road.

Thank you for choosing Awakening and may the force be with you,


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