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Keep it out of our general chat channel.

We have asked many times in recent weeks to keep the discussions civil. Friendly banter after a good fight is one thing. Attacking and/or degrading another player is crossing the line and we are growing tired of the complaints that the line is being crossed. It also reflects very poorly on our community which has a reputation of being welcoming and helpful to new and returning players. Turning those players away on day one prevents the growth of our server and our staff is busting their asses to get those new players to make Awakening their SWG home. We are working on a proper PvP channel to include in the list of global chats for people to use if they choose to. Until then take the smack talk to a private channel.

Additional Notes:
  • Do not attempt to bait another player or cry foul when there is none
  • Do not create and/or log in a new character to impersonate a "new player"

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