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Hello players of Awakening,

Over the past few years we have been rather relaxed in auditing existing, unauthorised multi-accounts in the same household. This is going to change; we are going to begin combing over the logs for these and enforcing the policy once more. This is not to stop people from playing here. We want people to play here, however it needs to be done so fairly, so everyone has equal footing in-game (afterall, one account does already allow 10 characters). One of Awakening’s goals is providing a stable play server for all our members to enjoy, without risk of data loss. However, if you breech our multi-account rule and are caught doing so without authorisation, we will be taking action.

To remind everyone about the rule we have in place that encompasses multi-accounting, here it is, rule number 1 for the server:
1) We allow one game account per household. Each account provides 10 character slots & up to 2 characters online at the same time. Exceptions are occasionally made for family, roommates, and others living in the same household (they will be dealt with on case by case basis). If you wish to request an additional account for another person in your household, please submit a ticket and wait for approval. Do not create multiple accounts without prior approval from Awakening Staff. You run the risk of having your account(s) suspended or banned if you do so. These accounts are for other real people in the same household that are active behind the keyboard, not for one person to run multiple accounts.
Another thing to note, the rule for multiple accounts in the same household even encompasses temporary residency for things like LAN parties or visiting a friend, we expect a ticket to be submitted. The process is simple and easy to complete if you are being honest about your situation.

If you have more than one account being used in the same household, whether that be another person owning the account, or you, disregarding the one account per person rule. We urge you to come forward and submit a ticket about the issue before we find you with multiple unauthorised accounts in the same household. We will handle the situation accordingly. However, if you do not come forward, you risk having the accounts suspended or banned, pending investigation into the nature of the multiple accounts. Further creation of unauthorised multiple accounts could incur more severe action.

If you are unsure if the multiple accounts in your household are authorised you are better off submitting a ticket just in case, we much rather let you know if you are already authorised rather than having to suspend or ban your account further down the line. If you submitted your multi-account request prior to 2019 it is advised you resubmit your multi-account request. Some records before this time are incomplete due to the handover in administration.

Thank you all for choosing to play at SWG Awakening, we hope to see you around for many more years to come!

SWG Awakening Administrator and Community Support Team Lead
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