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Hello all,

It has come to our attention that some players with us here at SWG Awakening are not aware that we have a rule which prohibits “Fight Clubbing” in order to unfairly gain an advantage in the Jedi Force Ranking System (FRS). This may be due to its lack of presence in the main rules posting, this will be rectified in a future update of the rules (now rectified, there is no excuse for ignorance). Some of you may be aware of this rule but unaware what it encompasses, so, I will dedicate the rest of this post to highlighting the main points that this rule prohibits players from engaging in.

Players will not participate in a “Fight Club” or “Fight Clubbing”. In general terms this is anything associated with a Jedi player character gaining Force Rank Experience by killing someone in a fight, where the opponent has agreed to throw the fight with the intent to generate a Force Rank Experience income for the Jedi without said Jedi needing to work for the Force Rank Experience. Some but not all scenarios where this may take place are listed below. The below is a guide as to the types of scenarios that break the no “Fight Clubbing” rule.
  • A Jedi character killing alternative characters on their own account, or an account within their own household.
  • A Jedi player getting other guild members or city residents to sacrifice their characters to them without engaging in a fair fight.
  • Registering extra accounts to create characters and let your Jedi kill them.
  • Creating “clubs” where people offer up their characters to each other, so everyone can mutually gain Force Ranking Experience that is not gained in a manner true to the spirit of the Force Ranking System (not working honestly for your prestige).
  • Any other scenario where a SWG Awakening staff member (after discussion amongst the staff team) deems the Force Rank Experience gained was not in the spirit of the Force Ranking System.
There is a system in place which will automatically ban players for clear violations of the no “Fight Club” rule. These bans are 48 hours in duration, if you believe you have been banned in error please submit a ticket so your circumstance can be reviewed. This system will most notably be triggered when your Jedi kills another character on the same account.

If you suspect someone is breaking the no “Fight Club” rule, please submit a ticket and let us know so it can be investigated. All manual reports of players breaking this rule will be addressed on a case by case basis. Any disciplinary action taken against the players that have been reported is at the sole discretion of the SWG Awakening staff team and based on the findings of their investigation. Do not report a Jedi for fight clubbing if they have actively engaged you and you have purposefully thrown the fight with them in order to avoid a PvP battle, this is not a violation of this rule since the Jedi that engaged you was intending to engage you in a manner that is true to the spirit of the Force ranking System.

If you feel you need clarification about this rule, please get in contact with myself and I will be happy to assist.

Thanks for your time,


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