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The Rogue Wanderer and the SWG Awakening Staff are proud to sponsor our First Planned PvP Saturday of 2021 on January the 16th
12 Noon Rogue Outpost Open Capture the Flag -1069 -5544 Naboo
3 PM Non-Jedi PvP Jabbas Palace Entrance -5860 -6200 Tatooine
6 PM Force Sensitive Round, The Village 5300 -4155 Dathomir
9 PM Rogue Outpost Open Capture the Flag -1069 -5544 Naboo

Flag will run for 1 hour. The winning Faction will have their choice of loot able Jedi Master, NightSister Elder or Tusken Executioner dropped as a reward.

Your Character must be Overt S.F to Turn the Flag during these events.

All Times Eastern Standard


Event Coordinator
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