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Hi all,

We are running a survey to gain insight into what operating system our players are using on the computers they use to play SWG Awakening with. This survey is a short 1-2 minute survey that will greatly benefit us in understanding our players. We appreciate everyone taking the time to complete it.

The survey can be found on our website at the Operating System Survey page (direct link:

As we work to update the packages our launcher runs on, we will be losing support for Windows 7/8/8.1 with the mainstream launcher release. This will bring us in line with Microsoft's end of support for legacy operating systems. As a result of this, we may need to provide an alternative option for users with legacy Windows operating systems to connect to Awakening's servers. We will develop our plan based on user responses to this survey, though work has already commenced to provide avenues to enable this. See the current version of the Play Now page to see our work so far.

Note: Users with non-Windows operating systems, this does not change anything for you, we still will not be providing support for users on non-Windows operating systems. Though the launcher code is publicly available at the link below, if you would like to try edit and compile a version of the launcher for your OS (macOS/Linux distros).

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