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I will keep this short and sweet as 99.9% of our community usually respects simple forum etiquette.

Do not troll, hijack, talk smack or generally be a nuisance in someone's thread. Keep things respectful and on topic. We understand things get derailed from time to time and as staff we will intervene with a gentle reminder to get back on track. We highly suggest you take the hint. Should you feel the need to vent all your pent up internet frustration, PvP anger, opinions on trade posts or general disdain for the opposing faction please do so in the proper SMACK TALK forum. That is what it is there for.

Failure to abide by this simple policy going forward will result in time off from the forums as staff has neither the time or desire to police every other post. We'd much rather work on bringing more content and helping out players instead of telling people off for breaking the rules.

Thank you.

SWG Awakening Administrator and Community Support Team Lead
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