Launcher Troubleshooting

Launcher Troubleshooting

First and foremost, most issues are solved simply by running the launcher in Administrator Mode.

Right click on the launcher’s icon on your Desktop and select "Run as Administrator".

Locating Your Game Files Install Location Which This Page References

  • Open the launcher.
  • Click the "SETTINGS" button.
  • Under "GAME FILES" and "INSTALLATION DIRECTORY" will be your installation location for SWG Awakening (Default: C:\SWGAwakening).

Installer Issues

If you cannot open the SWG Awakening Launcher installer when you try and run it, you can try and unblock the executable on your computer.

  • Right click on the swg-awakening-launcher-setup-x.x.x.exe.
  • Go to "Properties".
  • At the bottom of the window that has just appeared, tick the "Unblock" checkbox.
  • Click "Apply".
  • Run the executable again.
  • If a prompt with "Windows protected your PC" appears, click "More Info".
  • Then click "Run Anyway".
  • At the User Account Control prompt click "Yes".

The SWG Awakening launcher is completely safe, we make the code open source and freely accessible here.

Launcher Setup Guide Issues

Failed No complete installation of Star Wars Galaxies found.

This may occur for a couple of reasons. The first being that you have selected the wrong folder, please make sure the folder selected is actually the install location for Star Wars Galaxies from the original discs you used. If it isn't please re-locate the correct folder. The second reason that the setup may not detect a valid copy of Star Wars Galaxies is because you are trying to use a Trial version or NGE version of SWG that is not compatible with the install. Please try using a different version of Star Wars Galaxies as your valid copy.

Launcher Issues

WARNING: DO NOT install SWG Awakening's game files to "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)". Issues will occur.

Launcher Play button is enabled but the game won't start.

This can happen due to one of three identified reasons, please try all solutions.

  1. If you installed SWG Awakening from a version of Star Wars Galaxies other than An Empire Divided or Jump to Lightspeed, the audio files may be too new.

    • Close the SWG Awakening Launcher.
    • Navigate to your SWG Awakening game files installation folder.
    • Locate the "miles" folder.
    • Delete the "miles" folder.
    • Open the SWG Awakening Launcher.

    The launcher should now download the correct miles audio files from the Awakening patch server. Select "PLAY" and the game should launch.

  2. Windows 10 will sometimes delete executables not directly downloaded by the user. It is recommended to manually download the SWGEmu and SWGEmu_Setup executables to fix this problem.

  3. Download the following files (you may need to open each link in a new tab to download):

    Place them in your SWG Awakening installation folder and then select "PLAY" from the launcher.

  4. File overwritten "swgemu.cfg"

  5. Download the following file:

    Paste it in your SWG Awakening installation folder, replace the existing one, and then select "PLAY" from the launcher.

If the game still does not open please create a ticket here so we can assist.

Launcher Stuck Downloading at XX%

If the launcher looks like it is stuck downloading and looks like it isn't progressing, this may be because it is downloading a large file give it up to 10 minutes to see if it progresses. If not, then close the launcher and reopen it. The launcher may redownload some files but should resume the process.

A JavaScript error occurred in the main process

First, try running the launcher in Administrator Mode.

If the issue persists, disable Controlled Folder Access. Learn how to do this here.

Want to Make the Launcher Execute as Administrator by Default?

This can be useful if running the launcher as administrator fixed any of your issues at all. All you need to do is:

  • Right click on your SWG Awakening Launcher shortcut.
  • Select "Properties" down the bottom.
  • Go to the "Compatibility" tab.
  • Tick the box "Run this program as an administrator".
  • Select "Apply" then "OK".